Palladio and America

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Description: The eight essays of this collection were originally published by the Centro Inernazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio and were chosen for their relevance to American Palladianism by the Center for Palladian Studies in America. Soft cover with 92 black-and-white illustrations

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Since 1959 our sister organization, the Centro Inernazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio in Vicenza, has been sponsoring annual conferences of distinguished scholars and has published the papers presented in its yearly Bollettino.

Over the years these essays have covered every topic from architecture pre Palladio to his continuing influence up to the present time in places as diverse as Poland, Ireland, and Virginia. Included are articles on the esthetics of Palladio and an analysis of the typographic layout of the Quattro Libri.

As orchestrated by Mario di Valmarana, our vice president, the Centro has graciously given permission for us to translate, publish, and make available to the American architectural and scholarly communities some of these papers. We thank Prof. Renato Cevese, Prof. Guido Beltramini, Prof. Giuseppina Dal Santo, and Sig.ra Maria Vittoria Pellizzari, all associated with the Centro, for their assistance in this project.

Our associate, Christopher Weeks, has chosen the following eight articles for their relevance to American Palladianism and has arranged for their translation into English by Robert de Luca of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Hispanic and Italian Studies. All photographs and other illustrations are copyright by the Centro; we thank various sources for them, including CISA in Vicenza, the Correr Museum in Venice, Yale University’s Paul Mellon Center for British Art, Diego Birelli, Foto Boruli in Venice, Foto Tapparo-Trentin in Vicenza, Foto Rossi in Venice, and the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Edmund A. Rennolds, Jr.
President, Center for Palladian Studies in America
from the Preface and Acknowledgments