Coastal Georgia

coastal georgia
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Author: Beth Lattimore Reiter

Photographer: Van Jones Martin

Format: 9 1/4" x 8 3/8"

Pages: 120

Description: hard cover; full color; 151 color photographs; maps (soft cover edition is no longer in print)

ISBN: 0-932958-02-8

Price: $15.00

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On U.S. Highway 17, one enters Georgia from the north by crossing the Savannah River. Between the Savannah and the St. Marys River to the south, this coastal road cuts a 110-mile avenue through the heart of a land of wild beauty and fascinating history. Within the pages of this book the reader will find that in some ways, not much has changed in the 4,500 years since natives began to hunt in the oak and pine forests and fish the bountiful rivers of this region. The environment weaves its way into the lives of those who come here and leaves its imprint on the soul. It affects the diet, culture, commerce, and even the temperament of the most worldly traveler.

An informative text, vivid accounts of historical events, and heartfelt impressions of the natural arena present the story of this region through a variety of viewpoints, from the age of European exploration to the contemporary movement for historic and environmental preservation. The accompanying photographs illustrate the timeless splendor of the coastal landscape and the charm and diversity of its historic sites. These chronicles, however clever, can only describe this wonderful place. To truly understand the magic of the Georgia coast, one must experience it—smell the thick salt air, feel the beach sand underfoot, listen to the calming ocean waves, witness the sun setting over the broad marshes, and taste the catch of the day—then the image becomes complete, and the impressions will last a lifetime.