A Continuing Tradition: Wm. Frank McCall, Jr., FAIA

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Author: William R. Mitchell, Jr.

Photographer: Van Jones Martin & James R. Lockhart

Format: 9¼ x 11½

Pages: 136

Description: hard cover; full color; 150 illustrations; color photographs, floor plans, drawings

ISBN: 0-932958-14-1

Price: $45.00

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“I don’t create museum houses. I use classical principles, but adapt them to the present-day requirements of the client’s family and lifestyle.” Wm. Frank McCall, Jr., 1991

In 1985 the Tallokas Foundation of Moultrie, Georgia, published The Architecture of Wm. Frank McCall, Jr., FAIA: A Complete Designer in the Classical Tradition. Frank McCall died on March 12, 1991, and in the little more than five years between the publication of that monograph and his death at age seventy-four, much happened to call for the publication of this companion volume.

McCall classicism clearly appealed in book form, just as it had to clients who had sought out his firm for what people still reverently call “a Frank McCall house.” Two printings of the first book, totaling 4,500 copies, sold out, to admirers from all over the United States. Proceeds from the sales of both volumes will benefit the Tallokas Foundation’s educational and charitable activities, principally the Colquitt County Arts Center and the Colquitt County Chapter of the American Cancer Society—both were favorites of Frank McCall, whose sense of public spirit and good works were as respected as his eye for proper style and good design.

Frank McCall’s growing national prominence in the maturity of his career was reflected in the commissions he received, and in the years since 1985 the firm has designed houses for an ever-widening geographic area. This book covers projects dating from the publication of the 1985 monograph to those under way at McCall’s death. Some, like the Rankin Smith house in Atlanta (which was included in the first book as renderings and construction photographs), were in progress in 1985. Similarly, a few of the houses McCall was closely involved with are pictured within these pages even as they are in the last stages of completion. In all, fifty-two of the one-hundred-ten commissions listed are represented within these pages in varying degrees of coverage.

Frank McCall died a few weeks before his seventy-fifth birthday, but his spirit and tradition continue to thrive in various ways. The most obvious is through his firm, which in January 1991, at McCall’s initiative, became McCall & Turner, officially incorporating the name of his associate, Cornelius J. (Neil) Turner, who had become McCall’s partner in 1983 and had been with the firm since 1967. “Frank McCall houses” are still being designed by architects trained in his Moultrie atelier, and Frank McCall’s spirit lives through his work and the people he influenced, especially those who worked with him and carry on his firm, his standards, and the classical tradition he loved.